Denovo Window & Door

Denovo is a family-owned business owned by husband and wife Chris & Claudine Blocka. Chris & Claudine have 2 sons Alex and Wilson. Wilson is the “voice” and official “Spokeskid” for Denovo and can be heard on Denovo’s various radio commercials.

Chris’ brother, Lonny, operates a satellite office for Denovo Window & Door in Prince George BC to serve the window and door needs of that community. Lonny is married with 3 boys and has called Prince George home for 26 years.

Denovo started out as Denovo Developments Inc. in 2006 as a general contractor, home builder, and renovator. Over time, we decided to narrow our focus to become really really good at one thing. That thing was windows and doors. In 2013 our official name changed to Denovo Window & Door Inc.


We like to emphasize that we don’t sell our customers anything but; rather, we help them buy the best products for their home. We decided very early on to only carry one brand for windows & doors and one brand for window coverings. We find that this achieves 3 important things for our Customers:

Purchasing Power: We buy larger amounts from one supplier which leads to better pricing which we can pass on to our Customers.

Product Expertise: Our sales consultants are experts in the sole brands that they sell and don’t get confused between the features from different brands.

Focused Service: Due to the large volumes that we purchase from our Suppliers, we command their attention when service or warranty issues arise that require attention.



Above all, we feel that our products and services are a valuable investment in our customer’s homes. Everything we do adds value, and is not a depreciating consumer expense.

A big screen TV is a nice purchase, but it’s not going to add to the value of your home like a new picture window will.

We have been Denovo clients for years. It started with replacing one window and over the years, we have replaced them all. Everyone is great to work with, very professional and friendly.