Window Installation

Your windows open your home to the world around you. We specialize in creating custom window packages that are perfect for replacing your drafty old windows, boosting your curb appeal and maximizing your energy efficiency.

At Denovo, we work exclusively with Durabuilt to provide our customers with superior quality windows that are made in Western Canada, for life in Western Canada.

Contact us to find out which line might be best for your needs.

Why choose Durabuilt windows?
By choosing one superior quality supplier, we provide our customers with a warranty and technical expertise that would be impossible to match otherwise. Durabuilt windows are made right here in western Canada, so we trust them to hold up to the demands of prairie life.
Can I choose multiple window types?
Yes! You can seamlessly mix and match superior quality and timeless picture, slider, awning, and casement windows to suit your unique style and needs. In addition, you can add style to your home by adding additional design elements such as interior and exterior laminate finishes in a variety of colours and divided lites to add a classic touch.
What’s the difference between sliding windows and casement windows?
Sliding windows slide horizontally or vertically where casements windows open using the Durabuilt’s exclusive x-drive hardware. Casement windows provide the best insulation and opportunity for airflow; however, sliding windows are more simplistic and cost-effective.
Are Durabuilt windows durable & easy to clean?
Durabuilt windows feature superior performance and energy efficiency, whether you choose triple pane, dual pane, or Low-E solutions. Their prairie-built windows feature warm-edge premium spacer bars that enhance their thermal efficiencies and reduce condensation in every season. All of our Alpha and Omega windows are tested to NAFS/CSA and Energy Rating standards.

Durabuilt’s already high-quality, prairie-tested windows have even better clarity and longevity thanks to Diamon-Fusion® technology. This coating protects your windows from common concerns like moisture, dust, scum, debris, hazing, yellowing, and ageing. 
Young boy looking out the window alongside his dog, with paws and hands on the window sill

Questions About Our Door Replacements and Installs?

We had an excellent experience with Denovo. Everyone is professional and knowledgeable, and we particularly appreciated all the help Chris provided. We had a tight schedule due the weather and the siding requirements – Denovo came through to have the doors and windows installed when we needed them to be. The installers were efficient, friendly and considerate. We would not hesitate to use Denovo again.