Windows are design focal points and open your home to the world around you. Start your design process by choosing a collection:



Clean lines and smooth operation, this collection provides a diverse offering of gliding windows to meet any project or budget.



Casement windows are hinged and open wide and outward like a door using Durabuilt’s exclusive X-Drive hardware. They provide superior insulation and the best opportunity for air circulation.



Opening wide and outward, you’ll enjoy maximum air circulation, smooth functionality and beautiful aesthetics. This collection pairs rich aluminum on the outside with energy efficient PVC and optional wood inside.

A hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Our 100% measurement guarantee means if we measure the project and the new product does not fit just right upon installation, we replace it at no expense to you.



PVC Slider Collection

The Alpha Series combines all of the sliding window features you want into one convenient series – making the customization process as easy as sliding them open. Alpha’s design allows us to offer real tripane insulated glass. This means you get optimal ½” airspaces that deliver optimum performance.

With multiple glass surfaces and airspaces you can dial in your comfort requirements by choosing either our Solaban or Sungate low-e and argon gas to deliver the most energy efficient sliding window available.


See how Alpha’s features are leading the way in delivering optimum comfort and energy savings to you.


Denovo Windows Alpha Features

Whether you’re looking for a new build solution or a replacement solution, Alpha has an option for you. Our monoframe offering features a one-piece monolithic frame design allowing for continuous fusion welded corners. This makes your window more ridged and air and water tight.


Replacement Solution

Replacement Solution

2” Brickmould Monoframe

If you’re replacing older wood windows, choose this option to replicate the look. The 2” brickmould has a snap-on strip that is removed for installation before snapping back in place.

New Build Solution

New Build Solution

J-Trim Monoframe

The 6 ½” jamb makes this window perfect for new builds using traditional 2 x 6 framing. We’ve also incorporated an exterior channel that works as a built-in j-trim for siding, reducing your costs and providing a more pleasing appearance.




Design Possibilities

Alpha’s continuous frame provides a solid chassis to hold your sliding sash or mullions that you can arrange as you’d like to achieve your desired window function and design needs.


Our horizontal slider windows offer design versatility as a traditional single slider, contemporary offset style or with sliding sash flankers with a fixed middle pane. A fixed transom above can also be incorporated into your window configuration.
Slider Diagram

Single Hung

Choose a classic vertical function for a time-honoured appearance, or offset the meet rail to achieve a more contemporary look. A horizontal mullion can be used to achieve a traditional transom or used to replicate a stacked window mid-century modern look.

Single Hung Diagram


Fixed windows allow for maximum light and view. Single or multiple light configurations can be prepared by running vertical or horizontal mullions to suit your design requirements.

Fixed Diagram

Sizing Guideline:

Window Sizing Guidelines

Composite – Continuous frame combination. Sash weight needs to be considered
P / Composite – Specialty shape [Omega 700] over Alpha Composite. (* Sash)

Standard window sizing only. Contact your Sales Consultant for specific measurements and restrictions or for
confirmation on custom and over sized window shapes/configurations.

Real Triple Pane

Real Triple Pane

Alpha’s design allows us to offer real tripane insulated glass. This means you get optimal ½” airspaces that deliver optimum performance.

With multiple glass surfaces and airspaces you can dial in your comfort requirements by choosing either our Solaban or Sungate low-e and argon gas to deliver the most energy efficient sliding window available.


For added value, we use Edgetech Super Spacer® for the best warm edge benefits.



Obscure Glass



Satin Finish

Satin Finish





Durabuilt offers seven popular obscure glass patterns with varying levels of texture and privacy. Most often found in bathrooms and entry ways, obscure glass is available in tempered and heat-treated finishes to meet the demands of any projects or location.

* Note: extended lead-times apply on these patterns. Ask your Sales Consultant for details.

Solar Tints

Solar Blue

(Blue Float)

Solar Bronze

(Bronze Float)
4,5 & 6mm

Solar Grey

(Grey Float)
4,5 & 6 mm

Solar Azuria

Solarcool Azuria
(Azuria Reflective)

Solar Cool Solexia

Solarcool Solexia
(Green Reflective)

Solar Bronze Reflective

Solarcool Bronze
(Bronze Reflective)

Durabuilt tinted and reflective glass is available in tempered, heat-treated, laminated and other high performance finishes to meet any project specification. Glass thickness availability (4mm, 5mm & 6mm) varies by style. Ask your Sales Consultant for a full list of available options.

Create unique architecture and infuse personality into your home with the look of divided lites. Options include placing a grille between glass pane (GBG) or adhering simulated divided lites (SDL) to the interior and exterior of the glass. Whichever way you choose, the end result is nothing short of stunning.


Grilles between glass (GBG)

Available width include 5/16″, 5/8″, and 1″

Simulated divided lites (SDL)

Available width include 1″, 1 1/2″, and 2 3/8″

Exterior and interior finish will match your window finish choice





Commercial Brown


Commercial brown and black are available in a split finish white interior in 5/8″ and 1″ widths

Popular Configurations

Durabuilt windows are custom built to order, so they will perfectly fit in your space. The Heritage 210 can be finished with almost every brickmould and jamb option available providing endless design potential.


Interior Trims

PVC Extension

Prime Grade Wood Extension

1/2″ or 3/4″ Combo Drywall Return

Available in White Only

Exterior Trims

2″ Reno with Sloped Sill

1/2″ HD

Rebate Flange

1/2″ J-Trim

1/2″ Reno


Alpha Performance Rating


*Structurally tested with Reinforcement.
Brickmould Monoframe and J-Trim Monoframe achieved 470 Pa (9.75PSF) water Penetration Resistance
NT = Not Tested
Note: Ask your sales consultant for “ratings with grilles”.
Low E glass with Argon fill is a minimum requirement to meet Energy Star criteria. All tests are simulated with one (x1) or two (x2) Low E applications at the specified glass position, without internal decorative grilles. Results are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information or additional results visit

Energy Star and NAFS / CSA Labels on all Durabuilt Windows

Durabuilt windows come with a temporary label that clearly summarizes your window’s NAFS / CSA and Energy Star information. This includes the zone for which the product qualifies – 1, 2, 3 – along with the relevant performance data including the U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and Energy Rating.

Keep these labels for each window purchased as they can be used to qualify for government grants and incentives, as well as our warranty program.