Your windows and doors connect you to the world around you, but they also protect your home from the elements, noise, and create a comforting barrier between home and the rest of the world. At Denovo Window & Door, we invest our time in certification because we think quality service should be at the heart of every job. We believe that if you trust your installation to LePage Quad Max certified installers, you’re not just getting a 15-year warranty; you’re also getting the quality and education that Lepage invests in its products. Each of our installers is fully certified by the Lepage Quadmax program because we value continued education and expert craftsmanship. 


The LePage Quad Max program is an invaluable resource for our business. 


Homes are complicated structures that allow us to maintain comfortable interior spaces despite the exterior environment. When installing windows and doors, understanding the techniques for proper installation is a crucial part of the performance and lifespan of our products. Combining our knowledge of Durabuilt windows and doors, and the education provided through the LePage Quad Max certification program, we’ve developed a comprehensive training module for each of our installers.


In Western Canada, we need a sealant that can perform in all weather conditions. 


We are all too familiar with roaring winds, long winters, and unpredictable precipitation in this part of Canada, where our homes battle with the elements. We trust Lepage’s products to perform in any weather conditions. The Quad Max sealant can be used in a wide range of temperatures and can even be applied on a wet surface, making it as hardworking as the weather. Our Prince George and Saskatoon locations use the Quad Max products to ensure every job is done right the first time. 


We value certification and expertise in our window and door installs. 


Windows and doors are a vital part of your home’s infrastructure. Installing windows and doors can go wrong when rushed or done incorrectly. Contractors can introduce water into the home or fail to insulate properly, leading to drafts and condensation (and more), which can all be substantial sources of damage. When you replace your windows and doors, you should place your trust in a certified professional. A job done right will be an investment in your home, well-being, and your comfort. Valuing continued learning as part of our company, we pride ourselves on providing an installation that will last. 


Trust the experts in windows and doors. 


Whether you’re in Saskatchewan or British Columbia, we are the experts. We choose high-quality products from Hunter-Douglas, Durabuilt, and LePage because we care about the quality and durability of your windows and doors. See the Denovo difference for yourself—get your free quote today.