Are your windows collecting frost? It might be time to upgrade your windows. Over time, the barriers between your panes of glass deteriorate and collect moisture, making those pretty little frost patterns and ultimately, expelling a ton of energy. Did you know that 25–30% of residential heating and cooling energy use comes from heat loss and gain from your old windows? Upgrading your windows can save you money and is more sustainable for the planet. We’re going to talk about how.

How do windows deteriorate over time? 

Double and triple pane windows use sealed air spaces to insulate you from the Canadian elements. Over time, as the glass expands and contracts that seal can become worn. If your windows were installed incorrectly or have surpassed their lifetime, you may notice condensation and frost build-up between the panes. This can be a good indication that you need to upgrade your windows. Other signs that you may need to upgrade include rot, water damage anywhere near the window, and excessive drafts. We recommend visually inspecting your windows both inside and outside annually. If you notice anything amiss, we are here to provide a free estimate for you and your home! 


Energy-efficient windows can save you money!

If you’ve been procrastinating about upgrading your windows, you’ve probably been spending more money on heating and cooling your home than you realize. Upgrading your windows can prevent excessive heating and cooling loss in all seasons, meaning you need less energy to stay comfortable all year long.

What is the difference between triple or double pane windows? 


1. Triple Pane

This style of window uses three sheets of glass with a sealed dry air barrier between them. The benefit of a triple pane window is that it provides increased insulation, making it especially ideal for extreme climates. Triple pane windows can be up to 60% more efficient than a dual pane, making them an attractive option for your home. In addition, the third pane also dramatically reduces street noise.

2. Double Pane

These are the standard for Durabuilt windows and will still be a major upgrade, especially if your windows were single pane glass. It still features a sealed dry area between panes that functions as insulation and is an excellent option for upgrading. 


Our staff are window & door experts! 

At Denovo, we know that even the most energy-efficient window must be properly installed. This is why we have initiated a new training program for our already talented installers. The LePage Certified Installer Program is based on the Quad Window & Door System and is backed by a 15-year warranty! Learn more about the Quad Window & Door System here. Our certified installers are as resilient as our winter-proof products, and made in Western Canada! This allowed us to work directly with our manufacturer’s product engineers to design a retro-fit window that can be installed like no other retro-fit window on the market. This product design works in concert with the Quad Window & Door Installation System to ensure a weather tight fit for the lifetime of the window. Talk to us today to learn more about this system and shop local with confidence.