Selecting windows can seem like a daunting task. There are several options available, and whether you are building new or upgrading your existing windows, it can be challenging to choose the best windows for each room. In this blog, we will walk you through the optimal window choices for your home, as well as some key considerations to help you choose.

Key things to consider when choosing windows for your home


  1. Location

    Where you live will make a huge difference in the type of window you choose. In the prairies, we can get temperatures down to -50°C, whereas in B.C., the weather tends to be milder. The weather where you live will inform the type of window you purchase––such as whether you choose triple or dual pane panels.

  2. The breeze

    It’s refreshing to have a gentle current of air moving through your home in the warmer months. You can harness the breeze with windows that open on both sides of the home, allowing air to pass through and refresh your space. It can also determine the style of opening window you choose, from a swing-opening window to a single-hung sliding window.

  3. Energy efficiency

    While all our Durabuilt windows meet and exceed today’s energy and structural requirements, you can add additional options to increase energy efficiency in your home. You can also add passive heating and cooling by choosing energy-efficient window coverings from Hunter Douglas. Talk to us to learn more about energy efficiency options for your home.

  4. The room

    Typically, bedrooms will have opening windows, where your living room might be more suited to a large picture window. We’re going to go through every room and give you the best choices for each space.


Our guide for room to room window selection.


  • The bedroom

    The largest bedroom in your house might benefit from a combination of picture windows and an open swing window. Not only does this look very chic, but it also makes the room feel dreamy and bright. Smaller bedrooms might enjoy a single-hung window with a sliding pane, which can be installed vertically or horizontally, depending on your preference.
  • The living room

    In the living room, we always love a big, sunny, open space. The living room is often a great place for a prominent picture window feature to let in lots of gorgeous sunshine for you and your plants. This room is the one where an opening window is a preference and not a necessity.
  • The bathroom

    If there is a window in the bathroom, it only needs to open if there is no existing vent in the ceiling. Whether it opens or closes, we can install privacy glass to let in all that lovely light without a neighbourhood fright!
  • The kitchen

    A kitchen window is a nice addition, especially over the sink where you can stare out into the yard and daydream while you do your chores or keep a close eye on your little hooligans playing. An opening window is great for a breeze… or to air out the smoke from your children’s first attempt at baking cookies.
  • Everywhere else

    From skylights to stairwells, you can truly add a window almost anywhere you want to add extra light. While building codes may hamper your freedom slightly, your Denovo expert can talk with you about your vision and help you make it happen.

Your windows can be customized to match your taste.

Whether your aesthetic is modern or traditional, we have several options to ensure that your windows match your personal style and provide the protection and quality you expect. View our Durabuilt brochure to learn more about window options, and read our latest blog to find the window treatment to match. Book your free estimate today, and see just how great working with a local, family-run business can be!