A lot of work goes into making the perfect colour for your custom doors and windows. We pride ourselves on painting or hand-staining each Durabuilt product for your home when you order custom colours from us. We order, paint, and install with the utmost care for every detail from start to finish. 


Buy local & get homegrown quality and care. 


We are prairie people with a homegrown mentality. From B.C. to Saskatchewan, we carry our values with us everywhere we go. As a family-owned and operated business, we treat everyone as though they are our neighbours. Durabuilt windows and doors are made right here in western Canada, and we work exclusively with them to bring you buying power, quality, and a warranty that is unparalleled. 


Customize your doors to match your home, whether new or old. 


Our customizable Durabuilt doors can be stained to match almost any colour, whether you have siding, stucco, or brick! This allows you to choose the finish that reflects your home and personal style. No matter what you choose, we hand-finish everything in-house in Prince George or Saskatoon. 


“Sometimes it requires up to 15 coats of stain to get the perfect shade, and each coat is done lovingly by hand.”


Every coat must cure for at least a day before we can apply the next coat, and we love taking the time to make sure the colour is perfect and that it lasts. 


front windows of a house


With Denovo, you can make your windows unique.


With Denovo, you can choose from a variety of exterior window colors, white or black interior colors, and even a woodgrain stainable interior. If you’re updating your windows, choosing a colour that shows your personality is an excellent way to up your curbside appeal. You can transform the look and feel of your home by choosing a colour that suits your needs. With our contemporary colour palette, you’re sure to find something that sings––whether your style is maximal or minimal. Bonus? Our robust laminate finish is easy to maintain and will hold its colour beautifully for years. 


How to choose the right colour for your doors and windows?

We think it’s good to reflect on what curbside appeal looks like to you and your family. Here’s a list of our favourite questions to ask yourself when choosing the colour and style of your new windows and doors. 


  • Do you want to make a dramatic statement? 
  • What words would you use to describe your style? 
  • What colour is your house? What colour would you like it to be? 
  • Would you like contrasting colours or monochromatic? 


If you describe yourself as fun, you could choose a bright, beautiful colour for your new entrance; if you’re traditional, a gorgeous frosted glass window and natural tone might be right for you. These questions can help you choose how you want your home to look from the sidewalk!


We’re your western Canadian window & door experts. 


Ready to upgrade your home to beautiful, customizable, energy-efficient windows and doors? So are we. Get in touch with us to schedule your free quote and visit our website if you want to look at our projects, services, and selection.