At Denovo, we work exclusively with Durabuilt products. Whether you’re in Prince George or Saskatoon, these prairie-built windows and doors are made for life in western Canada––and we’ll tell you why. 


Durabuilt windows have a unique monoframe design.


Not only does this design style allow for a water and airtight window, but the unique platform-style gives your windows a slim profile. This allows more glass for the size of the window and a contemporary style that is sure to please. In addition, the panes of glass share a common mullion (the vertical bar between the panes of glass), further expanding the field of glass and opening up your view.

Triple-pane windows increase energy efficiency and comfort.


While dual-pane windows still meet energy efficiency guidelines, triple-pane windows are built for the extreme weather of the prairies. Windows are exceptionally bad at conserving energy compared to the more insulated parts of your home, so choosing the most energy-efficient option is appealing to many homeowners. If you want to increase your energy efficiency, our Hunter Douglas window treatments allow you to utilize passive heating and cooling techniques to maximize your comfort and sustainability.


Triple-pane windows are up to 20% more efficient than double-pane windows. Triple-pane windows make your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer without relying heavily on costly air conditioning or heating. Since we are all too familiar with the dramatic extremes in weather that western Canadians endure, we recommend opting for triple-pane windows if you can afford to do so. 


In addition to added energy efficiency, triple-pane windows dramatically decrease noise from the outside. That neighbour who mows their lawn at 5 in the morning? Don’t worry about them. You can sleep soundly with reduced environmental noise. 


Our windows feature a hydrophobic coating for low-maintenance cleaning.

All Durabuilt windows have a patented hydrophobic coating that repels water, stains, and corrosion. The Diamond-Fusion (DFI) coating is an ultra-thin coating that fills in the microscopic ridges on the glass pane forming an invisible barrier that reduces cleaning time by up to 90%. This coating is an essential item, especially for our B.C. customers who experience a significant amount of rain and humidity. If you’re in Prince George, ask us about DFI coating for your replacement or new construction windows! 



The door to your home needs to be well made and beautiful.

Replacing your doors, whether your front door, garage door, or patio doors, is an investment that can instantly boost your curb appeal and your energy efficiency. Front doors without window features, such as the Classic-Craft style, will be the most energy-efficient. Still, many people choose to include glass features to allow natural light to flow beautifully into their front landing. Your choice of door ultimately comes down to style. Whether you are looking for contemporary or classical, we have the door to suit your home. 


Live patio season to the fullest with beautiful patio doors! 


Patio doors are your window to your backyard oasis! With sliding patio doors, you can add the outdoors to your living space all summer long. You can add panels to your patio doors for a modern look and a panoramic view. Or, for a more luxurious and traditional style, beautiful garden doors can lead you out into your beautiful yard. Whatever your preference, Durabuilt patio and garden doors are designed to meet energy-efficiency standards and hold up to any weather you can throw at them. 


At Denovo, your windows and doors are our passion. 


Our staff are experts, and we encourage building knowledge. In addition to our other training, we’ve also introduced a mandatory installation training certification for our installers. The LePage Certified Installer Program is based on the Quad Window & Door System and is backed by a 15-year warranty for new construction projects. 

If you want to work with us, book your free quote online or visit us in person in Saskatoon or Prince George. We are here for you with quality products, superior product knowledge, and outstanding dedication to you and your home, whether you are replacing your windows or building new.